Not strictly an MP3 site as it does not host it's own MP3's however it has a section along the left of the page with the most frequent downloads which are often the ones your looking for and also has a great search facility which in my experience can find almost any MP3 be it old or new.



MP3 Unlimited

Once again a very good site, Speed and downloads are fairly quick and it carries the UK Top 20 giving a fairly wide selection of current hits, it also has a fairly good new hits section. The only downside is there is often a few dead links due to updates been every few days instead of daily.

MP3 Powered

This site is rather good, it has the UK Top 10 as well as a few other charts from other countries and also a great full albums section containing some top names.  This site is still rather young and is rapidly growing giving it real potential to be a great site, however it is still a great site even at this early stage.

MP3 Sound

The Top 20 feature on this site makes it unique and one of the best around, so many sites now provide a top 10 chart but often the songs you want have now moved out of the top 10 making the top 20 rather usefull!  This site is also updated often and has a very fast and easy to use interface.

Back Bone

A very Y2K looking site!  Don't be fooled by it's great looks--although the webmaster has spent a lot of time designing the site it appears they have not bothered to spend time creating there own MP3's, however there site acts as a great portal to many great sites allowing you to get to what you want very quickly and easily.

MP3 Hitzone

A very nice looking site but don't come here if your looking for charts.  This site prefers to concentrate more on complete albums and offers a very good and recent collection so you can often find the chart songs you are looking for.  There are very few dead links and download times are fast making the site really easy to use.

This site has pretty much everything!  It is update very reguarly and contains several charts including the UK top 20.  It also has a great 'New Hits' section providing you with new hits often before they appear on the charts and also several full albums.

MP3 HitsList

MP3 Webmaster

MP3 Music Lover

MP3 Board

Direct MP3

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